For companies of the energy-, auto­motive- and media industries we per­formed mani­fold missions. Out­sourced customer projets will be operated sensitive and targeted by us. The focus of our activities always is customer satis­faction. Own pro­ductions such as motion pictures of pro­duct- or corporate presentations, several text editings of business presen­tations and annual reports, co-designed stands at trade fairs and also an ad­vertising campaign of an new small car of a well-known auto brand was im­plemented in the regional market by us. The own created and trade­marked word­mark “UnumkippKa” went via our “smarter” car campaign to a winged word in the branch. A social media campaign pro more tolerance and respect “All different – All equal” was relaunched and blazed ab­road. Not only our customers liked it. Developed business plans of several branch start-ups are following time and again. Brands and corporate names will be created consistently. One mile­stone of our activities is the conception and pro­duction of a commercial of a well known music print magazine broad­casted a number of times by MTV, London. Detailed web page productions of sustainable energy start-ups, in the sector of medical practices and in the field of art and culture followed. Engaged quality checks in the service sector closed to the customer according to the way of mystery shopping complete the di­ver­sified offers of VOXINGTON.